Get to know: Candice Accola | [Insp]

I’m following the map that leads to you. Ain’t nothing I can do.

"Maps" Maroon 5 [requested by @damonhasfallen]

Just because I talk a lot doesn’t mean I always know what I’m actually talking about.

"Teach me how to love you so good
our hearts will be beating
against our ribcages
straining to get out. (...)
Heartbreak sounds a lot like
a slamming door.
Show me it doesn’t have to be this way,
I want to be proven wrong.
Teach me how to love right."

"feeling beautiful starts from the inside and shines out

Candice Accola - season 6 promotional picture

TVD S5 bloopers [x]

Damon & Elena Iconic scenes :
↳1x01 “Hi bird”